Deep Ripper

Ultra-Deep Ripping

Manufactured by Nufab, these products are built to the same uncompromising standards as our own, and have been carefully selected to complement the Nufab range. Australian-made deep rippers to suit Australian conditions.

Fitted with heavy duty tungsten hard faced blades and shin guards, the Hydramax has a total hydraulic breakout force of up to 5 tonnes. The versatility of the Hydramax allows it to be integrated into any farming application, from small cropping to broadacre farming.


  • Heavy duty 32mm high tensile steel shanks
  • 1m underframe clearance
  • Ripping to depths of 800mm
  • Hi-jump action – jump height of 340mm at stage 1 , 730mm at stage 2
  • Instant return to working position (no re-entry problems)
  • High working pressure of up to 2500 psi.
  • 178 x 178 x 9.5 toolbars for maximum durability
  • Various shank spacings
  • Shallow leading tynes
  • Hydraulic downward pressure crumble rollers
  • Level lift
  • Delving tyne optional


Inclusion Plates

Nufab Industries has undertaken extensive research with DAFWA to develop Inclusion plates to enable the placement of top soil and materials like lime sands, organic matter and fertiliser at depth in the tyne slot. There is compelling evidence of the benefits of utilising Inclusion Plates documented by the research conducted by Dr Paul Blackwell and DAFWA. Nufab Industries fabricate inclusion plates to fit most brand deep rippers.

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