About Us

Nufab Industries Pty Ltd was founded in 1978 in Dongara, W.A. Over 40 years we have established a strong position in the Industrial, Eco Composting and Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing industries producing a product range of compost turners, grain cleaners, spreaders, deep rippers and related agricultural equipment which consistently meet our clients changing machinery requirements.

We specialise in developing and manufacturing quality products and are dedicated to listening to our customers. Our experience in manufacturing, commissioning and training operators in a variety of different environments and locations means we consistently deliver a reliable and quality service to you. Nufab are dedicated to looking at new ways to manufacture and develop products to meet the demands of their market. Many Nufab products are unique, they are developed to be one step ahead of technological and environmental concern within the agricultural and industrial industries. Best of all, our products are built to last.

Being a licenced vehicle modifier we do truck modifications with specialized Water and Vacuum Tanks for Local Councils and mining related Companies, Service and Pressure Washer Truck fit outs for Rio Tinto, Hamersley Iron, FMG and Major Motors. We can adapt your truck base adding tipper trays, tool boxes, hoist equipment and water cannons. With an onsite sand blast and paint shed we can also cater for truck and semi trailer upgrades as well as your farming equipment rejuvenation.

Nufab also develop and manufacture a range of unique grain cleaners, seed cleaners which are generally regarded as the largest & best quality mobile cleaner in Australia. They are very versatile, simple to operate and extremely reliable.
The award winning FBB Spreader is designed for application of products like, compost, manures, lime, gypsum, fertilisers and clay. They can also be used for mine site rehabilitation work, road maintenance and construction (spreading gravel). The innovative “Wide Spread System” is capable of spreading lime to a guaranteed width of 12 metres.

Nufab also manufacture a range of towed and self propelled compost turners, enabling waste or byproducts that would be discarded to be converted into an asset.

Deep Rippers are built to the same uncompromising standards as our own. The HYDRAMAX bar has an impressive 1 metre of frame clearance and up to 5 tonnes of hydraulic breakout. They are now manufactured in our workshop in Western Australia under licence. These rippers have set a new bench mark in the market.

Give Nufab Industries a call today to discuss how we can meet your needs. Our products are sold to customers Australia-wide, including Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Best of all, they are built to last.